Christmas Time Gaming

For as long as I can remember Christmas and gaming have gone hand in hand.  I still play games throughout the year but at Christmas it seems to resonate more with me.  It’s not all about the games I get for Christmas, although that is an key part, but it’s also about the games I chose to play during the holidays.  This tradition started way back when I was a kid, didn’t have any expendable income and had to rent games all the time.  Me and one of my parents would pack up every few weekends and head to the local Blockbuster to drop 5 bucks for a 3 day rental of what was most likely a Genesis game.  Around Christmas though I would try to pick games that I knew had good winter themed levels and winter themed music.  I gave examples of these with Sonic 3d Blast and Ristar, both of these games I 1st played in the winter before the coming days of Christmas.  I can still remember other games that I played around the holidays for those brief 3 days.  Duke Nukem 64 was a great one with a kickass theme,  I played it with Christmas lights wrapped all around my bed while playing air guitar.  Speaking of the N64, Mario 64 is another game I associate with the season of lights.  I 1st played Mario 64 around Christmas by renting a system and the game form Blockbuster and being absolutely wowed by the 3d platformer.

But I can’t write this without mentioning some of the games great Genesis games I got for Christmas while I was a child.  Games like Vectorman, Sonic and Knuckles and Rocket Knight Adventures can still conjure up those old Yuletide feelings when I play them to this day.  This Christmas seems to be setting up for another great one for me and gaming.  So far I’ve already received an early gift from my girlfriend, New Super Mario Bros. Wii which I’m sure I’ll have a post about later on.  I also should be seeing Modern Warfare 2, Uncharted 2 and possibly Dragon Age: Origins from the good ole Saint Nick on the big day.  And if luck has it I’ll be getting Assassin’s Creed 2 the day after Christmas.  Sounds like too much doesn’t it?  Well my family goes all out for Christmas and games are usually all I ask for. I just hope my 360 can stand the strain of all these new games and not go red on me.

Wish me luck

Happy Holidays to all!

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