Bombcast of Giant Proportions

I just wanted to write a short post to praise a certain gaming podcast that has filled a void of entertainment in my life.  Like many others I listened to and followed 1up Yours for quite some time and it was by far my favorite podcast, perhaps my favorite form of non interactive entertainment, for a while. And like many others I was devastated when 1 year ago this month a good portion of the 1up staff got laid off along with most of the cast of 1up Yours.  Sure Garnett kept it chugging along but without the smarmy attitude of Shane the podcast just wasn’t the same. All of this was topped off later on this year when Garnett decided to leave 1up and John got a job at Gamepro.  The podcast was then picked up by Dave which ,no offense to him, I have officially unsubscribed to 1up yours or as they’re calling now 4 Guys 1Up.  I just haven’t been as compelled to listen to each podcast even with the dry humor of Jeremy invading most of their episodes.  So what’s a gaming enthusiast seeking a funny podcast to do?

Enter the Giant Bombcast.

After reading about the Bombcast I decided to give it a try and I have to say I do like this better than the 1up Yours of old.  Jeff, Vinny, Ryan and Brad have the funniest chemistry I can imagine 4 nerds sitting around recording a show about talking about video games can have.  It makes me laugh harder than most things and I can appreciate that.

I don’t really know what else to say besides it’s great and everyone should check it out.

Really, do it now.

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