How Uncharted 2 Stole My Heart

I have a confession to make, I haven’t seen a single Indiana Jones movie.  Being a child of the 80’s this seems like kind of a big deal.  I can’t really say why I never did it just didn’t happen.  I was a big fan of the Stars Wars movies so would think with Harrison Ford being with both it would be a simple transition but nope I have zero experience with Indy and his exploits.  Perhaps this virgin territory explains why I loved just about everything in Uncharted 2.  This game was the recipient of many Game of the Year awards from several different publications, so I definitely wasn’t the only one who enjoyed it.  It’s not hard to see why, the game is drop dead gorgeous and is absolutely dripping with charm.  The Gears of War inspired stop and pop shooting combined with the wild acrobatics of Nathan Drake makes the action on par with any other game I’ve played in a long time.  It’s simple, it’s addictive and it’s flay out fun.  But I think the thing I liked most about Uncharted 2 was it’s characters.  They were great characters straight out of a Hollywood blockbuster and just made me smile while watching the cuts cenes.  But not only did they make the cut scenes enjoyable to watch they gave and extra bit of enjoyment to the action set pieces with their interactions with one another while everything was going down.  Nathan Drake is especially good for this. He is constantly reacting to the world around him whether it be a enemy tank and wondering why they would need one or commenting on the sound of a helicopter gatling gun warming up and how that’s not a good thing. It’s these little touches the give the game and Nathan great character.

The game is not without it’s problems though.  It seems like more often than not I was rolling when I wanted to go for cover and sure enough after that imprecise roll poor Nate would get shotgunned in the face.  Tragic really, if only the fine folks at Naughty Dog would have made the roll and duck for cover buttons separate I would have been saved from many a death screen.  Also the final boss battle was kinda tedious and not as fun as just fighting regular guys.  It was like they took all the fun cover mechanics from the other 99% of the game and made it a crazy game of cat and mouse where you couldn’t stand still for more than a second.  Finally the loading times were unlike anything I’ve ever seen, maybe even worse than the loading times in the Playstation port of Chrono Trigger.  But I imagine the price to pay for how gorgeous the game looks.

Despite these minor quips with parts of the game it was the best game I played in 2009 even if I did play the bulk of it in 2010.  It is simply a must play for anyone who enjoys games period.  Everybody and their mama should run out and purchase this wonderful game right now if they haven’t done so already.

Now that I’ve finished my broken and disjointed gushing over this game I think I’ll go and play some Uncharted.

Until next time kids!

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