Authencity of Assassins

The lamp posts in Assassin’s Creed 2’s Venice are strikingly accurate according to my girlfriend.  That’s the incredible level of detail put into this game.  I’ve made it a point to try and play it as much as I can with her around.  A few years ago she took a trip to Italy to study abroad and stayed in some of the very same locations featured in the game and since Italy hasn’t changed much in the past half a century the scenery is very familiar to her.  She just recently showed me some of her sketches she took while in Venice and I have to say those lamp posts are pretty darn similar.  She has also told me that many of the famous buildings in the game are almost picture perfect with her memory and even their adjacent surrounds are mapped out accurately.

This is something that has made me 100% more interested in what is already a great game.  Being a stealthy Batman-esque assassin is cool and all, but it’s made all the better by knowing that i’m walking down a pretty good recreation of famous Italian cities.

The artwork featured in the game is also another thing that has captured our attention.  She is also an art major and studied art while in Italy so a lot of the paintings you can by for your villa she recognizes and saw in person.  Me not being super into old art as she is has found something new  to get into by buying all the art I can so I can show it to her and not just increase the value of my villa, although that does help.

I can’t say that I’ve ever played a game with this much authentic detail to the real world or past events.  Well maybe I have but not one that has jumped out at me like this and I can say it’s because I have someone with the knowledge of these things to help me get excited about seeing them.  I can’t imagine how cool this experience would be had I been to Italy myself.  I know games like GTA: IV have tried to recreate a modern American experience akin to living in New York City, but have lived in the NC for most of my life that doesn’t really resonate with me.  Also I know that GTA is based in a fictional city and I’m fairly sure they don’t try to recreate any famous locations or small details about NYC.

I’ve often tried to imagine if someone tried to create a game set in familiar territory to me.  The back roads of North Carolina might not sound like a very fun experience, but I’m sure there’s an idea to make this setting a fun and interesting one.  I can almost imagine being a bootleg moonshiner in the 20’s smuggling alcohol down old back roads and avoiding the cops.  OK maybe that’s not the best idea in the world  but I still think these more real world locations that people can relate to in open world games should be explored further if for nothing else so I can visit far off lands while sitting on my lazy butt.

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One Comment on “Authencity of Assassins”

  1. Buttnugget Says:

    Just come to Italy with me OKAY?! ❤ I think they should create real places in more games.

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