New Look Inspired by Old Imagery

I’ve used some of my spare time here lately to try and craft a more cohesive look for the site and I think it’s gone fairly well.  The header image is from Super Mario World for those who don’t recognize it right off hand.  I was inspired to chose this after recently beating the 8th world of New Super Mario Bros. Wii.  That and I also love the art style of that game with the gigantic thumb shaped mountains in the background which I’m happy to see in the new game as well.

I think there’s a lot of things people see in that game that makes them happy.  The  original Super Mario Bros. was such a major touchstone for so many people, the result being that this game has so much to offer that people can look at and say “Hey I remember playing this” and get excited.  That being said it’s not too surprising that the game having been out only 3 months is already the 5th best selling Wii game of all time.  I find myself wondering about all those people who picked this game up with those thoughts in mind think  about the difficulty.  It can be really hard sometimes and I wonder how the average Wii, who hasn’t played many games, deals with this.  I’ve watched my girlfriend and her roommate try and cope with this difficulty be using no less that 50 continues each across 2 saves files to get to th 4th world.  They have admirable determination, but do others who picked this game up on a nostalgic whim have the same determination.  I certainly hope so cause in the end it’s a great game they should be experienced by all those who played and loved the original Mario.

My own experience with the game is hopefully not over.  I have beaten Bowser, but I hope to find the time to collect all th coins in each world to unlock all the levels of World 9.  This promises to be a time consuming task so I don’t expect to accomplish it any time soon.  But the very fact that there is a secret 9th world is very exciting to me it conjures up the sheer mythological aura of the Special World in Super Mario World.

I never owned Super Mario World as a child, but my brother did and he let me play it from time to time.  He got to the Special World and beaten all the levels, while I could barely putter through the last levels of the regular game.  I would often play his save file just to see the bizarre levels in the Special World which had crazy names such as “Tubular” “Gnarly” and “Way Cool”.  These levels, despite having easy going names, were ridiculously hard and even today playing them on my Wii’s Virtual Console port of Mario World I have significant trouble.  I just wish they hadn’t made the access to World 9 so tedious, I can see a future of many 4 letter words coming out of my mouth.

The Multi player element of the game is something I explored for the first few worlds playing with inexperience Mario players.  The type of players who’s natural instinct is to not hold down the right button of whatever controller their playing to get Mario to run.  I had a lot of fun but I can’t say that they did. You see I’m kind of a asshole playing this game, any opportunity I see to stop on someone’s face mid-jump, throw allies off ledges or balls out sprint  through the level leaving my cohorts behind I take without hesitation.  But any game is more fun with multiple people right? Sure and this is too, just a different kind of fun, it just makes the whole process a bit slower.

It is a great game the hearkens back to a simpler time when jumping on goombas and flagpoles was all we needed for satisfaction.  I just hope it will hold my attention in the coming wake of a big ole release I’ve been waiting for quite some time, Mass Effect 2.

It comes out in 3 days and I cannot wait.

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One Comment on “New Look Inspired by Old Imagery”

  1. Buttnugget Says:

    The blog looks great!

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