Blue Shells vs. Predator Missles

I’m back on the Call of Duty train.  Losing as per usual, but that’s fine it’s still loads of fun with the few kills I get per match.  I’ve logged a little over an hour into multi-player and I am currently level 6 for those interested.  I haven’t found a good steady stream of matches yet, I’ve only been able to play 1 or 2 at a time before problems of a various sort occur and I have to log out.

I’m certainly not the only one playing either, by last check I was ranked somewhere in the 7 millions worldwide and it’s probably dropped about a million or so since I did check.  Thats a crap load of people, and being that so many people are hooked on this game some chatter among podcasts, blogs and forum threads is inevitable.  One complaint I’ve seen often is the fact that in Call of Duty if your team is losing, you more often than not lose by a landslide thanks to killstreaks and the like.  This is something I can agree with and is nothing new.  In this Call of Duty and 4 many of my matches ended with the winning team doubling the score of our own, or vice versa.  But with all the new and more devastating killstreaks this gap in the scores just becomes wider even among more experienced players and not just scrubs like myself.

Now I’m not saying this is a bad thing, I’m just pointing out the Infinity Ward chose to reward skilled players with more advantages over the competition.  I can’t say I disagree, they earned that tactical nuclear strike and they should be able to use it.

But let’s flip the coin for a second and look at a multi-player game that hinders skilled players to give inexperienced players a chance, Mario Kart.  Back in April of 2008 when Mario Kart Wii came out the same types of chatter started appearing over various media forms but not as in much volume.  This is an issue as old as Mario Kart itself and those of us who have played these games before know it comes with the territory.  It seems like every race the leader of the pact will get absolutely demolished by blue shells, lighting bolts, and crazy characters in a star induced kart rage.  It’s common to be leading a race right until the closing seconds only to get demolished and finish dead last.  I think what really enrages the populace about this method is the sheer randomness of it all as opposed to Modern Warfare where you’ll always get that Nuke after a 25 kills.

Bear in mind that I’m not claiming preference over one or the other I’m just pointing out the differences and the obvious fact that you can’t please everyone.  If I had to lean towards a side thought it would probably be Mario Kart’s way, mostly because I can tend to take all that damage and still finish first if I’m playing with people my skill level.  Whereas it’s a red-letter day if I’m finishing first in a Call of Duty match no matter what the skill level of the players are.

I suppose there is no clear way of defining a method of leveling the playing field.  There will always be those crazy kids who do nothing but play a certain game all day every day.  And those kids will always dominate and cause other kids to scream obscenities and racial slurs over their headsets, or just drop out of the match.  And those kids will in turn infuriate the rest of us who just want to have fun playing the game.

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