Is the exact word I would use to describe the game I’m gonna right about today, Dynamite Headdy.

The cover only shows a fraction of how wacky this game is

I first rented this game during the glory days of Blockbuster and 3 day rentals.  I rented a lot of games back then but this one stood out enough that when I saw it on the cheap at K-Mart I begged my parents for it.  The premise for the game is simple, it’s a 16-bit platformer with a Contra-esque weapon mechanic only the weapon is a small puppets head.  That’s right you’re a puppet with a detachable head and from what I can tell you’re fighting the Dark Demon’s minions through a large scale puppet show all while being chased by a robot cat.  Pretty crazy right?  Well it gets crazier with some of the bizarre boss battles (which there are many, this is a Treasure game after all) including this one:

Oh My

This is a boss you have to fight during a shump-like stage that starts off as a giant baby head, then grows older as you do more damage to the giant child.  My favorite boss battle of the game is Spinderella, she’s not the wildest boss you fight but she does have some kickass music and is pretty epic.  Speaking of Spinderella, there seems to be a boss battle in the Super Mario Galaxy 2 trailer the has the same basic layout only in 3-d.  The secret final boss should also be mentioned here.  If you do well enough in the bonus basketball game (bizarre) you receive a number.  You do this 4 times to get 4 digits which you use after you defeat the Dark Demon backstage.  The secret final boss turns out to be a fat business man at his desk in his high rise office with a giant sign above him that says “MONEY”.  His corporate minions will also come from all sides to aid him in battle.

There’s also tons of random weird things in Headdy.  Such as the use of the Nutcracker Suite as a theme for the 1st boss battle, or Heather Headdy’s purple love interest with detachable hands.  The tech of the game is also something that I found to be out of the ordinary, with some levels featuring a primitive form of 3-d animation something not found in too many Genesis games.

Either because of or despite it’s weirdness, Dynamite Headdy is one of if not my favorite game for the Genesis.  It has a charm not matched by it’s contemporaries and definitely stands out above the crowd to those who played it.  I’ll close with the Southtown Theme, which I’ve written about before but it bear’s repeating.  It is simply a great song in a great game.


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