Loot Whoring

I’ve been playing a ton of Borderlands the past few days.  I had heard that a lot of the game’s motivation for you to play is the different random items you can collect, not unlike Diablo or Phantasy Star Online.  I hadn’t played many loot focused games in the past but their concept has always intrigued me.  I like the idea of having a completely custom character, having weapons and items that no one else has.  I even purchased the Diablo Battle Chest about a year ago and gave it a whirl.  I was having a blast with my level 14 Paladin, but something weird happened with my game and I can’t reinstall it, my computer just won’t even recognize that the disc is there.

When I saw Borderlands on the cheap on Amazon I jumped at the chance to get back on the loot whore horse again.  Now that I’ve sunk about 10 hours in the game and have a level 20 soldier I can honestly say that the gear isn’t what is driving me to play that game.  Don’t get me wrong I love the game, it’s a great fun ride there just isn’t enough different types of stuff to collect to get me too excited.  There are a few different types of guns, grenades, shields and mods but I think what really gets me hunting for that sweet gear is armor.  I like having a character that looks badass and has the stats to back it up.  In Borderlands you can customize you character’s color at any time and that’s about it which is a bummer.

No, what is really guiding me though that game is killing  the very same monsters that kicked my ass earlier.  I loved back after Giant Badass Psycho in the safehouse when I was level 20 after he had decimated me at level 18.  That’s where I get my gaming high, character growth and knowing I can get past a part that was impossible before. I suppose some of that feeling does come from the items I get, but i don’t feel any attachment to them like I thought I would. I do however like when I get items that I can’t use til a certain level, getting to that level and then destroying all that I come across.

I haven’t tried playing with anyone online yet and I can’t say that I will.  I’m not the type to play a co-op game online with random people.  It’s not so much that I don’t like socializing with random people (which I don’t really) it’s that I never feel like in the same league with the people who play games 24/7 and would just be dragging the team down.

Despite my not getting into the loot side of things, Borderlands is still a great game.  All the RPG stuff with a game that controls exactly like Call of Duty combined with an interesting art style make for an awesome experience that I could recommend to anyone.

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