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I just wanted to get some stuff down that don’t deserve posts of their own. Here we go

Why is Suikoden II so damn expensive? Also, why isn’t it on PSN?  The first Suikoden is, Konami and Sony should get on that soon.

I can’t ever find the great big flashing green objectives in the brown world of Borderlands. Does that make me color blind?

Went to the pawn shop today and discovered that NES games with the words “Dragon” “Castle”  and “Warrior” are 100% more interesting to me.

What the hell is Activision thinking?

Final Fantasy XIII and God of War III come out a week apart from one another I don’t have the money for either.

Gimmick on the NES has some awesome music

Jumping Flash 2 had a video on the demo disc I got  with my Playstation and it looked interesting to me then and still does now. So why am I afraid to drop 6 bucks on it on PSN?

Another interesting video on that demo disc, Motor Toon Grand Prix.


GDC is this week. Middleware!

I am sick and all I want to do is play Genesis games like when I was a kid, but I continue to play Borderlands.

I got Darksiders to get Red Faction Guerilla for 5 bucks and never sent my information in. Crap

Why aren’t there any good WWE games anymore? I’d love to make my own character have have a cool RPG-ish season mode attached to it.

I’m moving into an apartment with my girlfriend over the summer and I simply can’t wait to have my own entertainment setup with shelved of gaming on either side of my surround sound enhanced plasma tv.  It will be glorious

Gaming music needs to get back to roots of good melodies rather than just generic symphonic scores. I think Nobuo Uematsu had the right idea of combining them into something more tolerable.

I throughly enjoyed Mega Man 9 but am weary of Mega Man 10, perhaps I’ll write more about that later

Played the Just Cause 2 demo and like the whole Chaos thing but could figured out what I was doing or why I was doing it.

I looked through the Fable 3 screenshots that emerged from GDC and it looks like their ditching the “ugly ass person” art style they had going in Fable and Fable 2, which is good.

I have yet to reach 1000 points on any of my 360 games and it makes me sad.

I wonder what’s happening with the Rocket Knight Adventures sequel?

For that matter, where’s my sequel to Dynamite Headdy? Come on Treasure you’re making a sequel to Sin and Punishment and that  didn’t even come out here!

I need a bigger hard drive for my 360 with all this Borderlands and newly announced Mass Effect 2 DLC.  20 gig officially doesn’t cut it anymore.

I need to play more Modern Warfare 2 multi player but the kids are too damn good!

Shatterhand is the best NES game I never played when I was a kid

Speaking of that, I need to find a working NES. This Fami-clone crap just isn’t cutting it.

I’m getting kind of worn out.  That’s probably all for now.

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2 Comments on “Gaming Stream”

  1. Buttnugget Says:


  2. SunRisingSoul Says:

    Interesting post. I really enjoyed Sjikoden a lot! Suikoden V was my first actual Suikoden game I completed, and it hits close to home to me. Suikoden 2 is vastly better in many ways of course, and I actually got a copy that I am playing now. Yes, it was expensive, but I still regret those years in high school not purchasing it… Makes me sad when I had like three times to actually pick it up. At the time however, I always looked passed the Suiokden games, and looking back on it, I never should have.

    I am barely getting back into blogging, and just started up again. I recently posted my thoughts on top games that I am playing, and also listed a current play through list.

    Also, at some point, I do think Suikoden 2 will be on the PSN. I mean, why would Konami do such a thing, and not provide it as a download? I mean, it was one of their greatest games in the series. Besides, it is heavily tied to Suikoden 1 in many ways, so at some point, it will have to appear on PSN. Hopefully sooner then later.

    Sorry for the long and random comment post. Just felt I had to chime in.
    Take care.

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