New Beginnings

I purchased God of War 3 yesterday and finished Borderlands today.  I’m looking for to the diametric opposite experience I’ll have with God of War 3 and some of the best visuals seen in a console game.

I did play some of the beginning of God of War and have beaten Poseidon and made my way through some of the realm of Hades.  Even at the beginning that game has action set pieces that Hollywood movies wishes they had.  The battle with Poseidon certainly does set a really high bar for epic-ness of the rest of the game.  I’ll give some further impression in the coming days.

I got super sucked into Borderlands.  My final play time clocked in at a little over 24 hours for my first play through.  I did have some problems with the final bosses though.  With the Rakk Hive and The Destroyer all I did was stand still and shoot them in the face, they posed no threat at all.  I can’t tell it this is the way I speced my character or that they were just mad easy. (For those interested I was a Soldier with a Support Gunner mod, with regerating bullets and health).  It really sucks too cause the Destroyer is the final boss and he was a pushover and the Rakk Hive is this really huge creature and it feel so easily.

Despite those disappointments, I immediately started a second play through and killed a few scags for Zed and fully intend to go through to level 50.  Hopefully if a little extra money comes my way I’ll be able to pick up a bigger Xbox hard drive and the DLC for Borderlands.

They recently announced that the Secret Armory will not be the last of the Borderlands DLC which is good.  Continuing the quests, raising the level cap and giving me more Crimson Lance soldiers to destroy is a good way for Gearbox and 2k games to get more of my money.  Not so much on the story though cause I swear I didn’t listen to one thing any of the characters said other than the clap trap telling me Crazy Earl had more missions for me.

I also downloaded the trail game for Perfect Dark on XBLA and lost all excitement that I had for that game.  I think Perfect Dark lived in a time on it’s own and cannot escape that.  A time when my friend down the street and I thought it was cool to hand out on the rooftop and shooting player controlled slayer missiles into the giant warehouse, killing many meatsims in the process.  This was also the time when we would play Driver, a single player game, and would just laugh our asses off at the ridiculous replays we would get after a few minutes of getting chased by the police.  So I don’t think that time is coming back and I don’t think I’ll be purchasing Perfect Dark.

Final matter of business is Final Fantasy XIII.  I had initially written it off after all the impressions of it’s linearity and “20 hour tutorial”.  But I own every Final Fantasy except for 2 and 11, I’m not gonna miss this one.  I am a consumer whore and I’ve come to terms with that, I will buy this game now I just need to get myself hyped up for it.  Maybe I’ll have it within the next week or 2.

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