I’ve never played a Splinter Cell game, or even a Tom Clancy game for that matter.  Scratch that, I did play the original Rainbow Six on the Nintendo 64 at a friends house once and hated it.  I remember being excited about the first Splinter Cell after reading about it in Gamepro and seeing on Gamespot TV (although it was probably Extended Play by that time).  I really enjoyed the Metal Gear Solid games but understood this would be an altogether different stealth game and was ready for the challenge.  I never did play the game because I can remember one of my good friends renting it and us playing back at my house.  I can remember initially really liking tha game based solely on the graphics (it had incredible lighting for it’s time) but was immediately turned off when the controller was put in my hand. I just felt that the controls where way to cumbersome and complex especially for me, a high school graduate who didn’t have time to learn such frivolous things but had plenty time to drink liquor.

So needless to say this game was not on my radar at all, not until last year at E3 where Ubisoft showed the newly revamped version of the game to the public.  I think the immediate connection I made upon seeing was the movie Taken which I had seen not too long before that.  And I loved the objectives and Sam’s memories being projected onto the walls and areas around him rather being a HUD element.  It’s definitely an interesting looking game.

I waited a while to download the demo purely for space reasons.  I’ve mentioned before that I still have a 20 gig and it’s almost full, but I finally decided to suck it up and take the 1.1 gig demo in the chin.  I had forgotten that the complex controls of the first game is what had turned me off in the first place but was brought right back to that feeling when I saw the loading screen and it’s controller layout.  “Wow, every button does 5 things” my pharmaceutical addled mind said (remember, I’ve been sick) and it was wrong each button does 1 thing but it was still pretty daunting.  But those types of screens always intimidate me a little and in practice their never that bad and the same can be said of this game.  After only about 10 minutes I was marking and executing with ease, switching weapons like a pro, and putting on those radar goggles like I had a damn pair of my own.

I throughly enjoyed my experience with the demo and am intrigued to know about Sam’s daughter and the circumstances around her death. So as a marketing tool for Ubisoft this demo did exactly what they wanted it to, swayed the doubters and (from what I can tell) reinforced the beliefs of long time fans that this game will be worth checking out.  Which I will, providing that I have the money at the time, I still can’t even afford Final Fantasy XII but hopefully all these financial drains will have faded by the time this game comes out.

Also this game has caught my attention lately.  The combination of GTA4 in a wild west setting seems to awesome for me to pass up so I’ll have to add this to the long list of must purchases.

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