Vengeance Complete

I finally finished God of War III last night despite my wearying illness.

I gotta say that I didn’t care much for God of War III from the very beginning (except for the graphics of course).  This was not the epic follow up to the bloody thrill ride God of War II was.  Maybe it’s because I couldn’t make any sense of the story. Maybe it’s because I spent 70% of my time in caves.  Whatever the reason, it simply didn’t turn out to be as well made of a product than it’s predecessors.  That’s a sad fact because this game, with the PS3’s power behind it, had all the potential to make me and many others bow in it’s epic glory.

The combat still held up quite well however and I loved the addition of the L1 + O grab to bring yourself closer to enemies as it really sped up the flow of everything.  While the moment to moment combat was great the boss fights always left something to be desired.  Maybe it’s because there were so many of them and they weren’t very hard (I think I beat Hercules in about 5 minutes) that they just didn’t have that much of an impact.

Despite all the mediocrity I found in the game I powered through to the end and after wondering through the dark for 10 minutes after I defeated Zeus, I was completely lost.  I have no idea what happened or why.  Was Athena evil?  What was the point of Pandora? Is Kratos still alive?  I have no idea whatsoever.  All I know is hope saved the day and that’s cheesy as hell.  I kinda wish I had used 60 bucks on Final Fantasy XIII instead but we can’t change that now.

Don't look at me like that Kratos, we're still cool.

Yes despite their fumbling final outing, I still regard the God of War series as one of quality and am anxious to see what other mythologies Santa Monica Studios can journey through in the future.

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