A Fine Meal

During one of my recent trips to the pawn shop for some old game rummaging,  I found this old gem.

That lady looks awfully familiar

I picked this up for my girlfriend (Double Dragon II and Clash at Demon Head for myself) because it’s her favorite game from her childhood.  I had never really played the game, and have scant few memories of it.  I do remember it being one of the 2 games in the Brendals Super NES kiosk (the other being Super Metroid) and I remember seeing ads for it in gaming magazines at the time showing a screen with a giant baby.

So I popped it in to give it a whirl before she got to my house and I have to say, it is a fun little charming game.  The whole idea is to rescue the survivors in the neighbor from all sorts of  horror movie monsters including the title characters, zombies.  You do this using a wide assortment of weapons including silverware, soda cans, crucifixes, and a rocket launcher.  Using certain weapons on certain enemies is the key to success.  From what I can tell by the cover, there are 55 levels of monster killing carnage to get through and the best I could get to was level 11.  I did fight that giant baby I saw in the ads oh so many years ago though.

I would like to say my girlfriend played it like a pro, being that it was her favorite game of her childhood but she didn’t get any further than I did.  I think this was one of those games that she enjoyed playing until she died and that being it and she was happy with that.  I’ve had games like that too, where I would play them just for the first few levels, die once and let it be.  Battletoads was one of those games for me, that damn hover bike stage was just too hard.

I didn’t really have too much to say about the game, other than it was pretty good.  She had wanted me to write this, so this is for you babe.

This the man I wanted to grow up to be

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One Comment on “A Fine Meal”

  1. Buttnugget Says:

    And today I got farther than I ever have! I love this game! It takes me back. And I like the music. Thanks for writing about it babe. My favorite post EVAAAA!

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