Where’s Your Curly Mustache?

The long rumored Marvel Vs Capcom 3 was announced yesterday morning.  This is something I’ve been waiting for on for quite some time.

There was a specific time in my life where all I can remember playing was fighting games.  This time fell right into the era of the Dreamcast, which is why most of the games I owned (or ever wanted to own) were fighting games.  I can remember after school rolling up to the local arcade about 6 deep with friends ready to throw down in the original Marvel Vs Capcom.  It wasn’t til a few months after Marvel Vs Capcom 2 came out that our arcade got a machine for the newest edition of the crazy fighter.  It was a good time, mostly because we were all of the same sucky skill level and no one was dominating.  I quickly marked my calendar for the home release on the Dreamcast, and when the day cam I made the long trip to Electronics Boutique to purchase the game.  It took some getting used to but I finally got my friends into playing the with Dreamcast controller, eventually maxing out the in-game clock at 99:99:99.

But back to Marvel Vs Capcom 3, only a short teaser has been released so far.  It does reveal a few things, like initial characters being those everyone would expect and it will be 3-d on a 2-d plan like Street Fighter 4.  They also revealed some character art like the one pictured above (which features one of the most butt-ugly Hulks I’ve ever seen).  And that’s about it, that’s all we know as of now.  The game is reportedly supposed to be out around this time next year and that seems like an awfully long time.

I can only hope that they can re-capture the magic the 1st two games had, especially for me and my friends.  While we don’t play the game anymore, their eyes still light up when mentioning either game and old rivalries come back to life.  I’m sure they would love to throw down in a new great game the same as I.

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