Spring Cleaning


Truly 2 of the the most shameful syllables in the gaming vocabulary.  Seeing those many unbeaten games on the shelf each day can be quite a draining experience.  They stare back it you like an orphan looking for a home.  It’s a problem I think most  people share (be it with books, movies etc.) but I feel it’s even more so with games, given the amount of time a typical game can take to complete.

I'm sorry prince, I don't have time for you today

My personal backlog is becoming an epic embarrassment that I would rather not think about.  It mostly contains games I purchased cheap as hell on clearance at Target.  I find that the games I purchase for full price I’m more likely to complete but that’s not a strategy I can keep up with financially.

So with that in mind I decided last weekend to play a few games from a few years ago that I had not yet completed to save some cash. First game on the spring cleaning chopping block: Crackdown.  I loved Crackdown but damn did it get frustratingly hard in the closing missions.  When I fired it up last Saturday I only had 5 gang bosses to beat to complete the game, but was having significant trouble getting back into the swing of how I played Crackdown.  After numerous failures that on any other day would have resulted in controller throwing, I developed the resolve of a modern day Rambo and mowed through the remaining Shai-Gen generals.  I even threw old man Wang over the edge of his ridiculously tall tower to celebrate.

One backlog game down, several to go.

Immediately following that victory I popped in Banjo Kazooie: Nuts and Bolts.  Banjo was a game I picked up during an Amazon sale for 25 bucks.  When I got it home I popped it in, got 12 jiggies and promptly never played it again.  I think my main problem with it was committing time to building vehicles for each missions, I did not know you could modify existing blueprints to suit your needs.  After a year and some change I realize the error in my ways.  This game is incredible.  The satisfaction of piling 7 engines on my shopping cart vehicles and wailing through one of the challenges isn’t easily rivaled.  In a weeks time I’ve gone from 12 jiggies to 60 and will hopefully have the game beaten by the end of this weekend thus knocking another game off the backlog list.

I was contemplating getting Red Faction on the cheap off Amazon but with this backlog cleaning kick I’m on I might give Mirror’s Edge or Dead Rising another whirl when Banjo is finished.  It is a very satisfying feeling when you complete a game that has been mocking you for years but I know that I will eventually get back on the new game kick.  With Super Mario Galaxy 2, Red Dead Redemption and 3D Dot Game Heroes all coming out in the next month,  I think my Spring cleaning phase will come to a temporary end.  I know I will have to buy at least on of these games in the near future and I still need to get Final Fantasy XIII (yes still).

Curse all these quality games for coming out in such close proximity to one another. Curse my empty bank account for not providing me the cash to acquire these games.  And curse the coverage these games get on gaming sites for making me salivate painfully over them.


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