I purchased another game last night.  I know, I know I’ve written multiple times about being poor and not having the budget for games.  But I simple couldn’t pass up a new copy of Super Street Fighter IV for 25 bucks and free shipping off of Amazon.  This purchase does bring up a problem though, I only have one PS3 controller.  I’ll have to be on the lookout for a cheap one in the future to me and some buddies can throw down.

I always did love 2-d fighters even though I was never quite good at them.  I don’t really know which type of game I’m worse at fighters or first person shooters.  The only one I ever obtained a inkling of talent in was Marvel vs Capcom 2, but that game was just sweet sweet chaos.  I could never get real good at the technical ones (like Super Street Fighter IV is I am to understand) but maybe I can break that spell with this game.  The last fighting game I purchased was Soul Caliber IV which wasn’t all that great, so I’m eager to play a quality fighting game.

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One Comment on “Addiction”

  1. Buttnugget Says:

    yay! new game!

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