Getting Back in Rhythm

I haven’t had much love for music games here lately.  Up until a few days ago, I could safely say that if I never played another new music game I would be happy.  This coming off the heels of the release of Green Day: Rock Band featuring a band I don’t altogether hate but haven’t been a huge fan of in years.  There’s no way I’m spending 60 bucks on Green Day: Rock band, but maybe I’ll pick it up when it inevitably goes clearance like the Beatles did.

So why am I so enthusiastic over the news of Rock Band 3?  This thing right here would be the reason.


The introduction of the keyboard into the game has me absolutely thrilled on the prospect of buying a new music game.  “But you just said you would be happy without ever buying a new music game ever again” I can hear you thinking.  This new addition adds the instrument I love the best.  But that alone wouldn’t be enough to get me this excited it’s after having seen this footage and reading this information,  that I truly started drooling over Rock Band 3.  The thought of playing The Cure’s Just Like Heaven note for note with the song on the keyboard with Rock Band Pro is just too exciting for me to pass up.  Learning how to play the keyboard has always been something I wanted to do, but never knew how to exactly go about it.  If this game can teach me how to play some of my favorite songs, then maybe that can be some baby steps to learning how to play an instrument.  It all seems like some pie in the sky nonsense ideas that I normally wouldn’t get that excited over.  It’s kinda like when you hear people getting Wii Fit to actually lose weight.  But after seeing the footage I can’t understand how this won’t work.  They have the full keyboard onscreen, it’s not just colors like on the guitar and they say that you’ll be playing whatever the actual notes of the song are.

The only question that needs answering is do I spend the 130 dollars on the keyboard and the game or just by their MIDI input for the 360 and the game for 100 bucks (I already have a M-Audio MIDI controller).  My concern with getting the MIDI input would be that my controller is big and I’m not sure how great it would be to have in the living room playing a game on.  Also the Rock Band keyboard was made for playing the game, my M-Audio one is not, so I’ll probably spend the 130.  A plus to that would be that I would have an extra MIDI controller lying around with the Rock Band Controller having it’s on MIDI out port.

I do hope all of Harmonix’s grand ideas come together.  It will get at least one gamer who’s jaded by the craziness the rhythm game genre has spiraled into back on the saddle.

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