The Electronic Three!

E3 2010 is upon us and apparently Microsofts press conference took place today.  I was not aware of this,  I thought all festivities took started tomorrow so I did not follow it as closely as I would have at work today.  Apparently I didn’t miss all that much though.  Project Natal is not call Kinect and will have 15 games at launch.  I don’t have any interest in Kinect just yet ( I’ll have to wait and see how it plays for myself) but man do I hate that name.  It sounds like a bunch of suits in an office thought this was the greatest idea of all time.  Hopefully it’s cool though.

They also announced the new Xbox that should be in stores sometime later on this week which is cool if you don’t already own an Xbox.  The also announced ESPN programming on Xbox Live free for Gold subscribers which got a big fat yawn from me, but I’m sure a big segment of the audience will find that real appealing.

A release date was given for Fable III which is October 26 and the first footage of Metal Gear Solid: Rising was shown which are both exciting.  I didn’t catch the press conference live but from reading the headlines I think the whole thing was a pretty dull affair.  With the focus on the new Xbox and Kinect and nothing new really shown of new games it’s kind of disappointing.

Hopefully Nintendo and Sony can make up for that tomorrow!  With the unveiling of the 3DS and perhaps a new Zelda title I can definitely say that Nintendo is the one I’m most excited for.  If Sony decides to put all their focus on the Move like Microsoft did with Kinect, then Sony’s conference might not be as exciting.  Hopefully they have some tricks up their sleeve.

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