The Electronic Three NINTENDO

Just got finished watching the Nintendo Press conference on G4 and thought I’d share a few thoughts.

The new Zelda’s vibrant art style looked great but due to the technical difficulties, I really couldn’t get a good look on how it controlled.  I’m a bit weary of it for now, hopefully it’ll look like it plays better in the future.

Kirby’s Epic Yarn and Donkey Kong Country Returns both look awesome.  I love 2-d platformers and I love great art design and these 2 had them in spades.

I don’t know what I expected from the 3DS.  I knew they couldn’t show the 3dness on TV but I was still excited to see it.  Surprise, it looks like a DS!  It has a few improvements however with the analog stick and dual cameras on the front.  The ability for the cameras to take 3d pictures sounds pretty cool, even if it is a bit of a novelty.  The only game they showed was Kid Icarus: Uprising.  Finally the return of Pit and many he didn’t shut up throughout they whole trailer.  The game looks like Sin and Punishment though so that’s cool.  I never understood the outcry for a new Kid Icarus, the first one was not all that great and way too hard.  It should also be said that the 3DS must have some major horsepower, because Kid Icarus looked like a Wii game.

Next up is Sony.  Hopefully it’s not all Move focused.

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