New Set Up!

So I’ve been mentioning it for a while and it’s finally happened.  I’ve moved!  And with moving comes a new gaming setup that is worlds better than what I had before.  I will show you that now as it has evolved over that past week.

This is how I had it setup about a day after we started unpacking and building things.  It looks ok, but it’s still missing something.

Ah, that’s the geek chic I was looking for.  The 8-bit portrait of Link was done by my girlfriend and I think it fits perfectly there.

This is the bookcase that holds most of my games (the other one has movies).  It doesn’t contain everything and probably never will seeing as I have alot more Genesis and N64 games in boxes at my parents.  This is how it existed about a week ago.  The pearler bead video game characters were also made by my girlfriend and I think they make the whole things look less bland.  We also have a few pearler bead coasters featured Zelda and Mario characters.

This is how that same bookcase exists right now.  I added my NES and DS games to the bottom.  I still love collecting NES games as I’m sure I’ve mentioned before and will probably carry them around to every house I live in.  I also added a few game soundtracks to the collection as well, just to show them off.

This last picture is of the Mega Man X pearler bead thing.  He’s sporting his decked out X3 armor and I just had to have a single picture of him.  He’s a handsome little devil.

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One Comment on “New Set Up!”

  1. cathy Says:

    I dig it!

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