I just reached chapter 6 in Final Fantasy XIII and I have entered an environment that reminds me why I play Final Fantasy games in the 1st place.  The area is the Sunleth Waterscape and it’s an absolutely gorgeous environment.  It’s deep blue sky is masked by thick green trees and alien plants that resemble stalagmites of glass.This is the best picture I can find of the place.  I do believe it was an area featured in trailers for Final Fantasy XIII many years ago.  If I recall correctly it was one of the only non-city like environment shown off.  This area also shows one of Final Fantasy XIII’s major shortcomings, the music.  The J-pop that permeates the soundtrack thus far really isn’t appealing to me and having to hear some girl sing while I explore this place really isn’t something I’m looking forward to.  Oh Nobuo Uematsu where are you when we need you most?!

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One Comment on “Epiphanies”

  1. Graham Brown Says:

    Yeah graphics are pretty sick in FF13. I enjoyed chapter 6 as well except for that particular song. My favorite place in terms of graphics has to be a tie between orphan’s cradle and inside Taejin’s Tower.

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