I Want More!

Can we establish something, if it has not already been said?

I freaking love Borderlands.

I played the game non-stop earlier this year.  I reached level 50 and moved on to the next game, knowing that the call of the DLC would get to me eventually.

One Xbox 360 hard drive upgrade later and that time has come.  I took advantage of the Xbox Marketplace sale and picked up all 3 of the Borderlands DLC this past week.  I took the sale, my re-piqued interest in Borderlands, and General Knoxx re-upped Twitter account as a sign that I should get them.

Boy did I make the right decision!  I just got through The Zombie Island of Doctor Ned and I believe I’ve done everything I can and I loved every minute of it.  Well, almost every minute.  I didn’t like how they hid T.K. who has the “Braaaaaaains” mission.  I didn’t find him until after I beat the DLC and he didn’t count the hundreds of zombie brains I had collected up until that point.  That complaint became very minor when I finally did collect all the brains and got my achievement.

I’ve had very little time with Mad Moxxi’s Underdome Riot but I can see immediately why this is the worst liked of the 3.  Stopping all character progression while in this area really dampens the appeal.  I got killed in the 3 round of the 1st area and I can’t see myself going back anytime soon.

The Secret Armory of General Knoxx was the latest Borderlands DLC to be released but it was the 1st one that I picked up.  I’ve played through a few of the opening missions but have yet to free Athena.  The main draw for the DLC is the level cap which they expanded to 61.  They’re probably some technical issues with raising the level cap to frequently that my feeble mind just can’t grasp, but I never understood why they didn’t raise it with the other DLC.  As I had written before, this area is hard.  Real hard.  But as with Zombie Island,  I am loving my time spent with it and cannot wait to reach level 61.

There have been some rumors rumbling of some more DLC to be released for Borderlands.  Hopefully with the Xbox Marketplace sell is a catalyst to spark interest in consumers for more Borderlands to lead to an impending announcement or will get someone’s attention at Gearbox to make some more.  Either way all I am certainly down for more exploration of the planet Pandora and more gruesome deaths of psychos and skags at the hands of my brutal guns.

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