Profound Sadness!

Profound sadness is hearing a ton of great stuff about Dragon Quest IX and being flat ass broke.


Profound sadness is having Fei Long as my favorite character in Super Street Fighter IV and no being able to beat my rival cause I suck against grapplers.


Profound sadness is seeing the end of the line of Borderlands DLC.

til next time

Profound sadness is not having an internet connection that allows game systems to connect to it.  So no more random late night game of Geometry Wars 2.

oh crap

Profound sadness is listening to a podcast focusing of Mass Effect 2 and realizing it will be a long ass time before I get to play Mass Effect 3.

Come back Shepard!

Profound sadness is seeing how ridiculous Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock is going to be.

but it will have all of 2112, which is pretty cool

Profound Sadness is loading up Burnout Paradise which is on my PS3 hard drive and seeing it has a million updates to download.  But I can play it now because I can’t get my PS3 online. That is also profound sadness.

haha I beat this screen!

Profound sadness is missing these drinks because they aren’t ever coming back.

I like Luigi berry.

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