Getting Back In The Swing of Things

I finally got a decent internet connection in my apartment earlier last week.  I also got a banging Linksys E3000 router that feeds all three of my consoles with sweet sweet internet juice.  With this new found freedome comes old habits returning without warning.  What old habits am I talking about?  I believe I mentioned them before.  That’s right, I’m back into CoD way of things or rather the MW way of things.  I figured I’d give an update on a post I made about a year ago, to let people know if I’d gotten any better or not.  Well I can proudly say that yes,  I have gotten slightly better at my FPS of choice.  It wasn’t the case when I first fired it up after many months of absence on IW net.  I’d wager say that I had gotten progressively worse, with many matches ending with me getting a whopping zero kills and dying almost 20 times.  I’ve been persistent though, thanks mostly in part to a friend of mine who just recently started playing online.  He must be some kind of savant reaching level 50 in the time it took me to get to level 15.  I’ve got someone to gauge myself to and be jealous of and it makes the game a bit more fun.

I think one of my main problems I was having before was just picking types of guns that I had no business picking.  I was using the guns that I perceived to be the best and they just weren’t my strengths.  I found my game when I picked my very first shotgun.  As soon as that baby came into my life I went from averaging 0-1 kills per game, to average 7-8.  I know that’s nothing to write home about, but it is the improvement I was looking for.  In my last post on the subject I questioned rather I would ever get to level 17 and I can say I am the proud owner of a level 25 character on Modern Warfare 2.  I still have tons of room for improvement but I gotta celebrate the small victories when they come.

I’ve also been playing a lot of Dragon Quest IX here lately.  That game is entirely too good to be missed by anyone.  Please everyone go out and buy it now!

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