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September 24, 2010

That’s right!  In my ridiculous amounts of spare time I’ve recorded a short and poorly made podcast that I would like you all to listen to!  In this post I’ll have the first 2 episodes.  I recorded the first more than a month ago and had a hard time finding free hosting space for podcasts.  I know that sounds like a fools journey to take, but alas I am poor and was looking for the best solution.  Turns out the best solution was to beg my generous brother to allow me to host them on his website.

Poorly Drawn Podcast Episode 1


Poorly Drawn Podcast Episode 2

I feel really good about this.  These episodes were a lot of fun to make and I hope to make many more in the future!



September 17, 2010

Sega has finally put up Sonic Adventure on XBLA and PSN this week.  While playing the trail game I’ve come to the realization that Sonic Adventure is a janky mess and I can understand why a lot of people dislike it so much.  It doesn’t seem to matter much to my nostalgia addled mind because I still love playing Emerald Coast and listening to one of the last great Sonic soundtracks.  I hadn’t planned on purchasing this game, but I 10 bucks I might take the leap.  My only fear is that I’ll lose my love for this game, having to deal with its problems for a full game rather than one level.  I’m on vacation next week, perhaps I’ll make some bad decisions while sitting in front of my Xbox.

Seeking Conclusions

September 12, 2010

I had one of my trademark “rush to finish a lot of games” week recently.  I have been playing a ton of Modern Warfare 2 these past few weeks and in turn have been neglecting games that need finishing.

First up on the chopping block was Scott Pilgrim vs. The World.  I’m not sure if I mentioned previously that I had purchased this game, but I did and it was great.  The shining point for me would have to be the music.  An awesome soundtrack done by Anamanaguchi really puts the icing on the cake of the retro feel the game is going for.  My only real gripes with the game is aside from the fake glitches the game had, I experienced some very real ones with the game stuttering and locking up a few times.  The last level also stressed the hell out of me.  I suppose thats what final levels are suppose to do but I seriously thought it wasn’t gonna end and was enraged each time I had to fight the final boss again.

My next challenge was Red Faction: Guerrilla.  You may remember me getting this game some time ago, but I have been neglecting it these past couple of months.  That was in the past, and earlier this week I sat down with the intentions of getting back into the game.  5 hours later I was watching the credits roll by.  My biggest complaint concerning this game had to be the side missions.  Most of them were flat out boring, and those last few hours I did as few as the game would allow me to.  I was extremely happy when I was blowing up buildings and throwing bombs like a madman, but anytime I had to drive or shoot dudes with a gun I was an unhappy camper.  The last mission was exactly what it needed to be as well.  Controlling rocket launching mechs through a giant base full of enemy soldiers for me to EXPLODE INTO A MILLION PIECES. Followed by a romp up a mountain with a tank with more fire power than most third world countries.

Last game of the week, Infamous.  This is another game I sat down with after having not played it for a while and plowed through to the end in one sitting.  It was quiet a ride too.  I skipped the side missions in this game as well but not for their lack of quality but more because I was ready to just get to the end.  And what an ending!  I’m general not too big on major twists in stories mostly because they can be seen coming a mile away, but the twist at the end of Infamous’ story was something that did not see coming at all and really got me interested in the upcoming sequel.  There isn’t much for me to complain about gameplay wise other than the enemies on the last island were way to hard to kill.  Not a huge bleamish on an otherwise great game.

So whats next I can hear you asking already.  Well earlier this week my very generous girlfriend decided to get to purchase me Battlefield: Bad Company 2 The Ultimate Edition.  Needless to say, I’m ecstatic. I’ve only played a bit thus far so I can’t comment it too much, but I can say that I’m really enjoying differences between it and Modern Warfare 2.  More thoughts to come as soon as I log some more hours into it.