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After talking about it quite a bit on my podcast, I proceeded to put down the microphone and play Halo Reach pretty much exclusively for the last 2 weeks.  That game has made quite an impression on me especially with the not so great feelings I had toward Halo 3.  That game does a lot of things right despite my general dislike of shooting people in Halo.  “What is this dislike you speak of?”.  I speak of shields!  I hate them with all my soul.  It’s not as fun to me to unload a few clips in a dude just to kill him.

Halo does have a playlist in matchmaking for people like me(Bungie just added it the other day).  The playlist is called SWAT.  No shields, No grenades, No load outs, just you and your DMR and it’s great.  The only problem with it at this time is everyone is so damn good who plays it.  I can usually hold my on a team slayer match and even in team SWAT before it was separated into it’s own thing.   But these kids who stay in team SWAT play way to much Halo and need to stop shooting me in the face.

I think the most ingenious that Bungie put in this game is the daily and weekly challenges.  These are a set of 4 challenges, updated daily, that could include challenges in any mode of the game.  Some of them are simple quota of kills, others are downright brutal like completing a mission on legendary without dying.  I check the game everyday now, hoping that the challenges are something that I can complete without much hair pulling.  There’s also weekly challenges that are usually on the more brutal side, I’ve only completed one.  This has kept me playing Halo: Reach far more than I had originally thought I was going to play it.  This is a great thing because as of now I’m in the “Christmas Money Crunch” mode.  That means no new games for me until Christmas (unless I can find them absolutely dirt cheap).  So Halo can keep me well occupied until Santa slides his fat ole butt down my chimney to give me some new games!



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