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My gamerscore is currently at 19975.  I’ve been trying to grind out some achievement in old Guitar Hero games to boost myself over 20000 these past few days.  I know 20000 isn’t anywhere near a high number as far as gamerscores go, but I feel its a milestone for me nonetheless.  I was actually hoping finishing the Saboteur would push me over the edge but the 700 points I wrestled from its grasp just weren’t quite enough.

Speaking of the Saboteur, here’s my mini-review of that game.  Any parts with driving were terrible, any parts with shooting were ok.  Despite it’s glaring flaws, it was definitely worth the 4 dollars I paid for it.

I have also been gearing up for Christmas these past couple of weeks too.  Spending my bank account into the ground on presents for my family and friends always brings a smile to my face.  But while I dodge potential overdraft fees I’m also getting pretty excited at the potential games I’ll receiving!  I know, I sound like a small child.  But I can’t help it!  Jolly old St. Nick is bringing me a bounty and I can’t wait!

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