The 25 Games of Christmas! Part One

This is a little series I thought of to tell the stories of games that remind me of Christmas.  They’re not necessarily games I got for Christmas, just ones that bring back that warm nostalgic Christmas feeling.

25: Kirby’s Dream Land

First entry comes out sucking…..I mean swinging!  Kirby’s Dream Land was the highlight of one Christmas morning when I received a bunch of other Game Boy games along with more Batman toys than one child should own.  I remember really liking the music and the simplistic nature of the game.  The game was mad easy and was actually one of the first games I can remember beating.  That credits tune still brings the image of Kirby, the size of a hot air balloon, floating off into the green Game Boy sunset.

24: Super Scope Six

That’s right, the game that was packed in with the giant Super Scope Six.  It’s one of the only things I remember of a Christmas Eve when my brother received a Super Nintendo.  Actually I also remember flipping out because I wanted Super Nintendo as well but didn’t get one.  Our old VHS camcorder caught all my humility as I screamed “I better be getting a Sega Genesis for my birthday!”.  Quite embarrassing.  I’m not sure why Super Scope Six stands out in my mind rather than Super Mario World.  I guess Super Scope Six held my imagination more because it was a big damn gun.  Either way the game wasn’t all that great and the Super Scope Six is regarded as kind of a joke.

23: Donkey Kong Land

Another hot Game Boy title!  Donkey Kong Land was a conversion of Donkey Kong Country to be played on the Game Boy.  As mentioned above, I didn’t own a Super Nintendo, so this was the closest I could get to playing, what I considered, a great new Donkey Kong game.  I remember spending most of Christmas break on the couch by the brightest lamp in the house so I could see what the hell was going on.  Crappy Game Boy screen aside, I thought Donkey Kong Land was an ok game but I never thought it was as good as the game it was trying to emulate.

22. Donkey Kong 64

I cannot stand this game anymore.  It wasn’t always this way.  I got this game the same year I received my Dreamcast and it certainly held it’s own in the fight for my attention the few days that were left in Christmas break that year.  I can remember roaming around the jungles and the desert as Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong and having a blast with this collect-a-thon.  But after realizing that I would have to play those same levels a near countless amount of times to get most of the stuff for all the other characters, I pretty much gave up on it.  This is the game that soured me on games of it’s ilk, even to this day.  But for those few fleeting Christmas days I certainly had a lot of fun with it.

21: Mega Man X4

1997 was the year I came into the Playstation age.  With this coming of age also came my first Final Fantasy game, which was Final Fantasy VII.  That was a game I didn’t really get into until the next summer, so it doesn’t really remind me of Christmas.  But this other game I got the same year sure does.  I was a huge fan of Mega Man back in the NES days and since I missed all his entries on the Super NES, I was super psyched to get right back in the saddle with Mega Man X4.  I can remember being completely blown away by the music, it definitely lived up to the high expectations I had coming from the NES games.  It was also the last high point before the decidedly less than stellar sequels were released.

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