25 Games of Christmas: Part 3

Here’s Part 3 as the exciting 25 games of Christmas continues on!

15: Rocket Knight Adventures

I don’t recall why I asked for this game for Christmas.  Perhaps I was cruising through my brother’s issues of Gamepro and EGM and thought it looked pretty cool.  I was all about the mascot platformers at the time.  I remember exclaiming “This will be the first game I play!” after opening this Konami Gem.  The game made quite an impression on me and I still listen to the soundtrack to this day.

14: Rock Band

I got Rock Band the same year I got my Xbox 360.  It’s a Christmas tradition in my family to open our presents to each other on Christmas Eve.  This was the close to perfect game for this occasion.  We had a few hiccups getting it started after I moved the Xbox while the disc was spinning like an idiot.  But after a few dabs of toothpaste on the disc we were rocking out to the 8 or so songs that were unlocked at beginning.  I will never listen to Mississippi Queen again.

13: Wizards and Warriors II: Ironsword

I don’t ever remember asking for this game but I do remember opening the box on Christmas Eve.  It was my first thought, even at my young age, that my mom picked this game out purely for the fact that Fabio was shirtless on the cover.  But this game was certainly right up my alley with chivalrous knights, distant mystical lands and evil wizard that need defeating.  I only ever got past the giant frog who wanted the golden fly once.  I could never find that damn golden fly, probably cause the game was kind of an 8-bit mess.  I had fun with it at the time though.

12. Shenmue

I was completely mesmerized by the coverage of Shenmue prior to Christmas.  Everything I read seemed to indicate that Sega was creating a living breathing world with Shenmue.  I can remember being wowed by the fact that you could look through every drawer in Ryo’s house.  Even if there wasn’t anything of interest in them, it was cool that they were there.  When I finally got to play the game, I thought it was awesome that the game took place in the 80’s around Christmas time.  Since it was Christmas time for me, I was totally down to play a ton of Shenmue for the rest of my Christmas break.

11: Mass Effect

I owned Mass Effect before I ever got my Xbox 360.  Some generous friends gifted me some Gamestop gift cards and I picked this up as soon as I had a chance.  I got a lot of games that Christmas, but this one was definitely the one that I sunk the most time in.  I can remember running the batteries dead in my Xbox controller playing this game and thinking that the controllers batteries don’t last long.  But no, I just played Mass Effect an assload in the span of 2 days and ran those batteries dead son!


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