25 Games of Christmas: Part 4

Continuing on with the fascinating world of Christmas nostalgia!

10: Battletoads

This game came on a Christmas so long ago I barely remember it.  What I do remember is wondering what a Battletoad was and that my mom thought it looked cool.  I also remember telling my friends I school at got it for Christmas with a certain swagger in my voice.  Why? Because this game was badass that’s why!  You play as huge musclebound toads who’s body parts get 10 times bigger when they deliver their final blow to their enemies.  What a brutal game too.  I have never to this day beaten the jet bike part.  A few years ago I popped it back in and played it all night, determined to finally see the end of that level.  I got further than I had as a child but I still couldn’t beat it.  Battletoads still haunts me to this day.

9: Super Mario 64

I was so psyched to play this game prior to Christmas.  So psyched in fact, that I rented an N64 twice before Santa had a chance to bring me one of my own.  I was completely enthralled with my first romp in a 3-D adventure.  It wasn’t long after I got it for Christmas that I had the game beat with all 120 stars, only a few days after returning to school.  I already had half the game memorized by that point, but it didn’t deter my love for this game.  It was probably one of the most communal games I’ve ever played.  Everyone in the 6th grade got it for Christmas and they were all scrambling trying to beat it and to talk to other kids about how awesome it was.

8: Final Fantasy XII

Final Fantasy XII was more like a debilitating addiction, rather than a game for me.  After playing this game, I knew I would never play World of Warcraft or most games like it.  I knew that I would give up all semblance of a normal life and get completed sucked into the “One more quest…” lifestyle.  I got this game when I really didn’t have any access to my PS2.  I had just moved back to NC and it was being held along with some other stuff for me to come and get when I had the chance.  I was very anxious to get it and bury myself deep into Ivalice.  I actually played this game while I was jobless and would play it for 8 hours straight some days.  Its a game I could probably never pick up again because it sucked up so much of my time in the winter I was a complete bum.

7: Metal Gear Solid

I never played the original Metal Gear outside of a few minutes on some emulator somewhere.  It didn’t do much for me in that short time but that didn’t stop me from hyping the holy hell out of Metal Gear Solid. I must have played the demo that came with OPM a hundred times.  It was a really short demo too, but I had to explore every nook and cranny of the world they presented me.  I think the main appeal for me was that it felt like an action movie I could play.  This was the first time for me where games weren’t abstract worlds and characters.  This seemed like a graphically believable world and characters (for the time).  And yes I realize the humor in me saying that the world and characters in the Metal Gear Solid series are anything resembling believable.

6: Metal Gear Solid 2

See post above.  Only difference here is that I had a solid idea of what to expect from this game.  Only to be double crossed by Hideo Kojima by having to play as Raiden the whole time.  Raiden didn’t bother me as much as he did most, but I did think it was kind of weird that I wasn’t playing as Snake.  I can remember before this game came out I would play the demo just to hear the theme from Metal Gear Solid 2.  That theme was crazy epic.

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